Kingstown Harbor Shipwreck Project

From December 10, 1997, to January 10, 1998, IMH conducted a detailed survey of a historic shipwreck in Kingstown Harbor with the assistance of the Academic Diving Program at Florida State University. The Organization of American States and the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines supported the expedition to explore and document the archaeological site. This report briefly summarizes the activities of the survey team during the month-long period of examination. During that time, the team collected a significant amount of information regarding the archaeological nature of the site.

An undisclosed envIRONment: Formation and Distribution of Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria in the Chesapeake Bay

Executive Summary and Preliminary Report of a 2006 study on the effects of existing iron oxides from various iron containing structures collected from the “Puzzle Pile” wreckage site and a correlated water quality analysis located in the Lower Chesapeake Bay, at Piney Point, MD. The goal was to ascertain the presence of iron-oxidizing bacteria (FeOB) and define several aqueous environmental parameters.

Waterlogged Wood from the USS Monitor: A New Direction for Research and Collaboration

This is a PowerPoint presentation on the conservation of USS Monitor given at the 2009 American Institute for Conservation (AIC) conference by Susanne Grieve, Farideh Jalilehvand, Robert Blanchette, Joel Jurgens, Todd Plaia and Dave Emerson.


Reports on the Hull Analysis and Artifact Catalog of the first maritime archaeology project by IMH in 1995 – the excavation of Annabella, a 19th-century New England coasting schooner. Annabella was built at Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1834, and abandoned in the Cape Neddick River in 1885.

IMH Newsletters

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