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A lost Caravel lost in the sands of time

A lost Caravel lost in the sands of timeA lost Caravel lost in the sands of timeThe year was 1612, proudly three small ships were being keeled, three years later a turn of events will mark them in history. Little is known of the changes or modifications of what is referred to as the "Latin Caravel" similar in design to two of the three ships that Columbus sailed across the Atlantic to discover the New World in 1492, but changes in the course of the years did evolve.

James River Scans

Recently I have been running side scan sonar scans near Jones Neck in Henrico County, one particular site area has submerged craft and a feature I am not quite sure of . I believe the imagery return is indicating a collapsed dock as well. The area has a number of submerged craft and features, diving is precluded because of the presence frequently of recreational watercraft and as well its proximity to the ramp. I am attaching it to this entry.

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