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Launched! - Blanca 29sep2010

Ballena Blanca launched today!  all wetall wet



We did decided on a red stripe for the boot-top... here she is a with a little bling last month:red stripered stripe

James River Scans

Recently I have been running side scan sonar scans near Jones Neck in Henrico County, one particular site area has submerged craft and a feature I am not quite sure of . I believe the imagery return is indicating a collapsed dock as well. The area has a number of submerged craft and features, diving is precluded because of the presence frequently of recreational watercraft and as well its proximity to the ramp. I am attaching it to this entry.

Hello from the Boy Scout Jamboree!

It is Thursday morning (I think) and I am taking a few quiet moments to get set for the day. 

Starting off Monday afternoon with 400 Scouts, we have had 2000-3000 youth and adults go through the intro to Scuba area each day.  I am located in the Exhibits tent that they go through on the way out.

Yup, still white - Blanca 17jul2010

Topside sanding's done, so I broke out the paint this weekend.  It was only about 95 degrees-- why not?  I managed to get primer and 2 coats of Brightsides on the starboard side.  The port side and transom will have to wait a few weeks.

Here she is, taped and ready to go:ready for paintready for paint

TEDxOilSpill talk sparks conversation on endangered site conservation

IMH board member David Johnson spoke recently at a TED event in Washington DC dedicated to the BP Deep Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Johnson had five minutes to represent the underwater archaeology community to the diverse audience of TEDxOilSpill as part of the session on conservation that included such notable speakers as Sylvia Earle, Susan Shaw and Carl Safina. You can watch the entire session below, David's comments are at about 2:04.

BP oil spill

The oil spill in the Gulf will certainly impact historic sites.  Roper is at St.Sugustine now for LAMP's field school.  She might go to the Gulf afterwards, if there is some way IMH can help assess sites and protect them from the spill.

Anyone interested in helping in this emergency by field work, funding, research, outreach, or otherwise, please contact IMH through the website or email me directly at  Thanks!


Pretty-ness - Blanca 22may2010

This weekend I decided to do some clean-up.  Perform a Pretty-ness on the boat.  Basically a motivational activity to keep my spirits up.

So I broke out the power-washer and went to town on the teak.  I can hear the collective gasp of all you old salts out there about destroying the precious teak!!  Don't worry-- I'll probably never do this again.  And I can't think of another way to scrape through 20+ years of pine-tree poo to actually get down to wood.

Here's the results:

Hosiery - Blanca 15may2010

Now that the spring archaeology projects are out of the way (specifically, the Roper's biennial haul and the much-touted Mount Vernon survey), I've gotten back to working on the Gypsy Blanca in earnest. 
This weekend was devoted to ripping out all the rotted hose that was connected to the deck scuppers.  Instead of draining over the side through thru-hull fittings at the waterline, all the rain from the deck was running into the bilge.  And of course, if she were in the water, the slightest roll or wave would was

Farewell Gypsy - Blanca 08may2010

We have the title to the boat!  So Gypsy is officially no longer abandoned.  We've decided to rename her, against many complaints from the "locals", who see this boat as a fixture of the marina-- as Dave likes to say, he's been here so long, he's no longer a "regular," he's furniture-- and the boat's been here far longer.  She'll soon be in the water, which will change the whole look of the boat-yard.

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