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SHIP Field Report: Potomac River and Piney Point

IMH and INA survey battleship wreck

Prehistoric Artifacts Found In Blue Hill Bay, Maine

Fishermen Interviews by East Carolina University Graduate Reveal Locations of Prehistoric Artifacts and Shipwrecks In June 2006, Franklin Price (M.A.) of Bernard, Maine, and recent graduate of East Carolina University, received a grant from IMH and the Fund for the Preservation of Maine's Maritime Heritage (http://www.maritimehistory.org/support.html) interview fishermen about the locations of shipwrecks and submerged prehistoric sites in Blue Hill Bay, Maine. "Fishermen know their coasts and fishing grounds. The fishing community is as likely as any to know the locations of cultural resources within their fishing areas," says Price. In fact, scallop draggers from Blue Hill Bay in the 1980s and 1990s recovered stone biface tools from depths of up to nearly 200 feet below sea level. A recent interview by Price revealed other remarkable examples of Native American gouges and a spear point that were hauled by a Blue Hill Bay scallop dragger from approximately 20-30 meters below sea level. These new finds are tentatively dated to ca. 8,000 - 6,000 BP.

IMH Announces FeOB Research Project

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